Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sitting on a bunch of older work I'd love to get out of the studio. If you're in the market for originals, now's the best time to take advantage email hey@dyoung for link to online catalogue

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013


The Tokyo x Vancouver exchange opened last weekend at El Kartel (Vancouver) and Amp (Tokyo) simultaneously and was live-streamed through out the night. The hanging was enjoyable having grouped each country separately on opposite walls facing eachother. Big thanks to Mr. Taka Sudo for curating and organizing the whole shebang! For inquiries contact Taka at
Collage and Oil on Pine 


Collage and Oil on Pine 

Interview w/ Chris Bentzen from HotArtWetCity

from bentzen on Vimeo.

Postcard Show Vol. Deux at Ayden

The 2 day pop-up silent auction at Ayden Gallery, Vancouver happened last weekend. Here's my thing
Oil on card
8''x12'' polyptych 


 Procrastinating again, found some wild references I forgot I'd taken way back

ArtPad SF w/ Gauntlet Gallery

My homie Luke Lomardo down at Gauntlet Gallery, SF hit me up about showing some new work in ArtPad SF which is 1 of 2 art fairs that happens there every year. The deadline came up real quick and got these two together in about 9 days.  for inquiries hit up

28'' x 24''
Collage and oil on mahogany

surface collage for 'Baggage'

Loading Bay
Collage and Oil on Mahogany

 'Loading Bay' in processo

Showing in Bogota, Columbia

SNAG Continues

 Over 7 months ago, as I've mentioned before, I started a live-painting event called Snag hosted at The Cobalt, Vancouver. This thing has really taken on some legs and has become epitomizing live-art in the city. I'm currently a little behind on the tumblr but am adimate on getting the last number of weeks up real fuckin soon here  I've pulled some finished works from the past below. SNAG, every Wedneday 9-1 at The Cobalt, Vancouver BOING

Did this about a month ago
Andrea Wan -

Ben Tour -

Sitji Chou -

Tim Barnard -

Scott Sueme -

procrastination paintings

time's idling by and I don't want to do real work

1st watercolour bit in a year and a half - pretty scruff but good times

Thinkspace Invades Philadelphia

slipped in a smaller piece, 11''x12'' for a group show with my friends at Thinkspace. Work shown in pop-up at Gallery 309 w/ the usual mega-stacked roster by Thinkspace, LA. For inquiries email

collage and oil on mahogany 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Installation at Positive Negative Gallery

Got back from SF with a big project pending. I had signed up for an installation project at a local gallery Positive Negative. The idea is a group of 8 paint on giant stratched canvas and the public would be able to choose what they wanted (crop) It was pretty last minute for me so I decided to do one big thing rather than a bunch of smaller shits that would take loads of time. It's untitled at this point, but maybe I'll come up with something clever soon.
Oil on Canvas 

works for 'In Our Wake' at Thinkspace Gallery, Feb 9th 2013

Collage and Oil on mahogany

Bad Dates and Berries
Collage and Oil on Mahogany

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Collage and Oil on Mahogany

Washed by the Cleanly 
Collage and Oil on Mahogany 

'Black Circle' for 'Mashup Show' at Gauntlet Gallery

I'm generally not into theme shows but I was swayed this time. Gauntlet's a new gallery open in the Tenderloin District is SF. In order to get some momentum with the space, he's putting on some large group exhibits to plant some interest in a diverse collector demographic. The invitation to show the show detailed that the theme would be 'your interpretation of a famous piece of artwork'. I wanted to choose something so far removed from figurative painting, so I chose Suprematist painter, Kasimir Malevich and his 'Black Circle' piece (it kind of ended up being the antithesis of the original).

check out the high def roll-over on their site Gauntlet Gallery(link)