Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Invitation to New York City, the RE:FORM SCHOOL Project

Shortly after the Ayden gallery opening had taken place I had recieved an email inviting me to provide some work to an event in New York City. The invitation was to a gigantic event in lower Manhattan organized by Yosi Sergant. Yosi has previousely produced the Manifest projects, if you're unfamiliar with these projects consider taking a look at them, & The iconic Obama was produced for the manifesthope project I believe. These projects have been a tremendous success for their causes and boast 10,000 plus attendees for only a few days and have included works by artists such as Barry McGee, Swoon, Tierney Gearon, Shepard Fairey, Claire Rojas, Sage Vaughn, Harvey Pekar, The Date Farmers, House Industries, Ron English, Chris Johanson, Robby Conal. This upcoming show takes place a number of weeks after the release of Davis Guggenheim's (director of "An Inconvienient Truth") "Waiting for Superman". A film that focuses on the poor state Americas public school system is in. The RE:FORM SCHOOL project is an artist collective gathered to raise awareness of this problem. The work is for donation also. Ironiocally the venue is in St.Patricks school, a school which just closed and was the largest catholic school in New York. The school will begin its transformation into a high profile gallery a month prior to the opening. What could be a better time to hold this show than after everyones eyes have opened just after the films release. The show goes from October 9th-11th. Both opening and closing nights will host parties and I believe there are workshops for under-privileged kids hosted by Barry McGee.

A very exciting opportunity which i'm flying out to be a part of and volunteer at.

The children are the customers, and they won't understand how much of a raw deaL they may have gotten until they've gotten to college or employment time, definitely too late


  1. So impressed!!!!! Please tell us how to get tickets and the exact location and we will be there. Of course you are welcome to come and stay with us. We would love to have you!