Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scott Sueme X Andrew Young - Art Basel, Miami 2011

Ensoe, Sueme and I are back from the mayhem at Miami's Art Basel, Primary Flight 2011. Sueme and I got down in the Graffuturism lot at the Kohn Compound in the Wynwood district. The curation was incredibly well-thought out and managed by Poesia from Our filmer/best entourage component, Shawn Henderson, Dj Bikes returns this evening with an extensive amount of footage and photographs of the process as well as the entire experience. For now however you can check out some of the works the three of us were involved in. I'm missing a few photos from the whole complex still so i'll have to post those with the rest of the trip stuff. But those who were crushing out space at the spot were: West, Remi Rough, LX, Matt W. Moore, Poesia, Haze, Kofie, Bam, Rae Martini, Geso, Greg Lamarche SpOne, Aaron De La Cruz, Mare 139, Jurne, Kema, Scott Sueme and I.

Bottom Left - Chor Boogie

Andrew Young X Scott Sueme

AaronDeLaCruz X Poesia X Kofie X Sueme X Ensoe

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