Thursday, April 19, 2012


Got back Sunday from my London premiere at the Rook and Raven Gallery. Nestled in the never-ending hustle of Oxford Circus, the opening took place on April 12th. Rachelle Lunnon (director), Richard Grindy (director) and Daniel Lumbini (curator) have put focus on "burgeoning" North American talents fill their space. I couldn't have dreamed-up a better scenario than with these three savvy, ever-so-facilitating directors running ship. On point with every step. With all their feed-back I not only left more confident but inspired about future endeavors.
Press Release: 'Discovery' at Rook and Raven
Discovery Behind the Scenes

The artists I shared the walls with were some heavy-hitters. I wasn't the only artist to hop the pond and see what these Brits were up to with our work. Adam Caldwell and Elizabeth Winnel made it out stretch canvases, varnish and shop (some more than others). A super solid bunch, I was especially honored to share the space with Caldwell, whose work I came across a number of years ago in school.

Hats off


Adam Caldwell, USA (link)

Elizabeth Winnel, Canada (link)

Nathan DeYoung, USA (link)

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