Friday, June 8, 2012

Treloar Family Portrait

Some time ago I was commissioned for this piece by Laura Treloar. Her family recently experienced the sudden and unexpected loss of their beloved father and husband David. The mother of three described a painting where her children would somehow be a reflection of Dave. We discussed what type of objects and ideas were close to him. A barometer passed down through the family was a good/subtle item to integrate in the piece. Recently I had seen some clever use of mirrors in classical paintings and when I heard the word 'reflection' i knew it would be a good opportunity to try. Placed in the corner of the within the mirrors reflection is the prized barometer. Poised beside the antiquity is only the refection of Austin, the eldest of the 3. This was intentionally done to not only create dialogue between the possession and son but the position the children are in without a father. Also integrated through the work were papers that Dave had possessed sometime ago as well as drawing the kids had done in school recently after his passing. Working with the Treloars courage through this piece has been an incredible experience.

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