Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Astronautical - Intergalactic Homies

July 21st marked our voyage to the unknown. But depending on your poison it was mostly just to Acme Studios where Shawn Henderson Dj Bikes, his posse SBC DJ’s Body Rock & bradenjonestown and the DontLook Creative Society teamed up to throw down. The deep space disco was a mega-collab with a number of artists in the building and gave me the opportunity to throw together the magenta SpaceBre painting. The night was long and kept us in bed even longer. Well worth it, I'd suggest coming to the next banger.
we out here

'SpaceBre' is referenced from our newest studiomate Bre Rae Wendel who's a fucking amazing hair designer/fashionista. She's responsible for this beauty. I unfortunately wasn't able to get any good snaps of the piece in the venue that night. But there it is

SUBTROPIC - New Bikes Mix (link)  

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