Thursday, August 23, 2012

Live @Squamish - all weekend paint

If you're hurting in between hectic festival "activities", swing by our tent with Ayden gallery. There will be a bunch of the usual gallery hoodlums and all the studio mates will be coming up to paint Saturday and Sunday. I've agreed to behave myself during the day, but night time's my time. Heads up.

Mandy Tsung  .  Megan Majewski   .  Taka Sudo    Lani Imre  .  Shwa  .  Brent Clowater  . 
Kristian Adam  .  Carla Dearman  .  Peter Ricq  .  Ensoe  .  Colin Moore  .  Steffen Quong  .  Sueme

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  1. She's very pretty! I love mixed media, too, and want to experiment more with it in future. Thanks for the inspiring example. :) kandy paint