Sunday, September 23, 2012

SNAG - Weekly Art Raffle, at The Cobalt

The Cobalt and Andrew Young present an opportunity to snag artwork (get it) from some highly sought after artists in a pretty unusual venue. But what’s more unusual than that? You can get your mitts on their work for as little as $5. Here’s the deal, I’ve got 4 artists every Wednesday night painting it up all night in the ole’ balt. At the end, we have sexy burlesque dancers (more on that in a sec) draw tickets and whoevers ticket the babe draws, takes home one of the pieces these talented guys create. FREE ADMISSION, RAFFLE TICKETS 1/$5 3/$10 10/$20

Dj Bikes will be around, playin pretty much whatever he’s fancying that day
Nu Disco//indi dance//house//future funk// hip hop


And as promised, there will be a burlesque troupe in the building every night this happens. Our nipple-tassled, lingerie-clad friends, Concrete Vertigo burlesque troupe will be putting on a couple performaces and generally they'll just be walking around all scandy-like.

There’s a lot to look at on Wendesdays now.

The Roster:

Andrew Young Scott Sueme Ensoe Steffen Quong Brent Clowater Ben Knight Colin Moore Peter Ricq Nomi Chi Jose Rivas Alex Rhek Justin Gradin Adam Lupton more to be announced….

inquiries about this event pls contact me at Or holler 778.235.4284

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